Our dentist and team are proud to offer CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology, a state-of-the-art approach to creating high-quality dental restorations with precision and speed. This advanced technology allows us to create custom-fitted ceramic restorations, such as crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, directly at our practice during a single appointment. The process utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to offer a seamless and highly efficient restoration process that saves you time while delivering exceptional results.

Imagine walking into our dental office with a damaged tooth and leaving with a permanent, beautifully crafted ceramic restoration in just one visit. That is the convenience CEREC technology offers. The process begins with a digital scan of your mouth, eliminating the need for uncomfortable traditional dental impressions. The precise digital images allow us to design your restoration with unmatched accuracy directly on a computer screen. The information is sent to our milling machine where your restoration is milled from a block of ceramic. The final step involves bonding the newly milled restoration to your tooth, ensuring a perfect fit and restoring your smile in record time.

Opting for CEREC restorations at our practice offers numerous advantages, all designed to enhance your dental care experience. The efficiency of completing your restoration in a single visit not only saves time but also eliminates the need for temporary restorations, offering unmatched convenience. The precision and quality achieved through digital imaging and computer-aided design ensure a restoration fit that traditional methods can rarely match, providing a final product that looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth. The ceramic materials used mirror the composition of natural tooth structure, resulting in restorations with an exceptional aesthetic appeal. Moreover, these restorations are not only beautiful but also durable, designed to withstand daily use while protecting your natural tooth. Lastly, the comfort of the digital impression process represents a significant improvement over traditional methods, making for a more pleasant dental experience. These collective benefits underscore our commitment to providing care that respects your time, comfort and well-being.

Our commitment to incorporating the latest dental technologies, like CEREC, into our practice is driven by our dedication to providing outstanding care that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our community. We believe in offering solutions that not only enhance the quality of your dental care but also respect your time and comfort.

We invite you to experience the difference CEREC can make in your dental treatment. Whether you need a new crown, veneer, inlay or onlay, let Dr. Roderick Dowden show you how this innovative technology can enhance your dental care experience and leave you with a smile that is both beautiful and lasting. To learn more about CEREC in Fishers, Indiana, and how it can benefit your dental health, please contact Dowden Family Dentistry at 317-594-0461. Our team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process, ensuring that your journey toward a healthier, more beautiful smile is smooth and rewarding.