At the heart of our practice is the belief that preventive care and education form the cornerstone of optimal dental health. Our commitment is to provide you with the most comprehensive care in a warm, welcoming environment that makes every visit a positive experience.

Understanding that dental needs evolve from childhood through adulthood, our approach to general and family dentistry is both inclusive and adaptive. Our dentist and team pride ourselves on being a partner in your journey toward maintaining a healthy smile for life. Whether you are scheduling your child’s first dental visit, seeking routine care for yourself or addressing the dental health needs of an elderly family member, our team is equipped to deliver personalized care that considers the unique aspects of each stage of life. We offer the following services at our office:

Our practice is built on the foundation of creating lasting relationships with our patients. We take the time to get to know you and your family, understand your dental health goals and develop care plans that align with your lifestyle. This personal touch, combined with our professional expertise, ensures that every member of your family receives care that is not only effective but also compassionate.

The cornerstone of our general and family dentistry practice is education. We believe informed patients are empowered to make better decisions about their dental health. Therefore, we prioritize discussing preventive measures, the importance of regular check-ups and how lifestyle choices impact oral health. Our goal is to demystify dental care, making it accessible and understandable for everyone.

In creating a welcoming atmosphere, we pay special attention to alleviating the anxiety that often accompanies dental visits. Our team is trained in the latest techniques to ensure your comfort and ease, regardless of the reason for your visit. We strive to make our practice a place where you and your family feel seen, heard and valued.

At Dowden Family Dentistry, we embrace the opportunity to serve as your family’s dental care provider. Dr. Roderick Dowden is committed to adapting our services to meet your changing needs, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and effective care at every age. It is our privilege to be a part of your family’s dental health journey and we look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

Your trust in us is the highest compliment and we are dedicated to repaying that trust with the highest level of care and service. Together, let us embark on a path toward a lifetime of healthy smiles. Call us at 317-594-0461 today to schedule your appointment and take advantage of our general and family dental services in Fishers, Indiana.